Shalom and Welcome to our website, Led of the Ruach HaKodesh we believe at Ruach Broadcasting will bless those who hear the written and spoken word of HaShem. Having first begun in Africa, we have reached the Subcontinent, Europe, and now the Father has given us the privilege of entering into the Holy Land of Israel and 2010 is the year we launch our Internet Radio Broadcasting Station. "TODA".

It’s a very simple message, it’s not a complex one, and it’s not particularly difficult to interpret, to discern or apply. It is definitive in every sense. It lays down for us what objective and goal and priority of our life in ministry has to be. It delineates for us our responsibility in the world today; we have been given the privilege in representing HaShem to be an apologetic to the world.

Reconciliation is the central and most powerful theme of the Torah. We are to be reconciled to Elohim and others. Without reconciliation with each other, we cannot be in right ruling with Him. Without reconciliation with HaShem, we cannot walk uprightly with each other. Perhaps we've asked the questions that need not to be asked, such as, what is the teacher's mission? What is the teacher's priority? Because here it is to abundantly clear what the answer to those questions really is.

It is then the greatest work in the world, for it deals with the greatest issue in the world. It is the greatest calling; it is the greatest privilege to be given the responsibility to teach the message of reconciliation. That's what we live for. That's what we die for, that's what we teach for, that's what we serve for, that's what we nurture the body for, in order that in the end the message of reconciliation might effectively reach sinners. And certainly we would all agree that no message equals this one in importance.