Of all of the monotheistic religions in the world Judaism is the oldest; it is the mother of Christianity and of Islam as well. All of the basic ideas and moral values of western civilization are based upon Judaism. Judaism is unlike Christianity and Islam because it does not actively proselytize anyone. Judaism believes that all human beings have a share in the world to come [ notice I said people - not religions]; you don’t have to be a Jew to get into heaven, Christianity on the other hand puts a bar “you have to believe in Jesus” or your going to hell? Islam says you have to believe in Mohammad? Judaism doesn’t have any concept of hell, but the TREE of life and its shadow. It’s called the tree of life because it is seen as an outgrowth of the infinite God, and the emanations arose in stages. It’s shadow element isn’t much talked about and is heavily debated, but the stories of the Kabbalist Sages all depict the Sage in the position of encountering some aspect of life, thus “G-ds will”. Their prayer and ritual were actions to deal with the issue, and any hardship being seen as a test.

The adversary in Jewish belief is not given the power to torment humanity, it is just the intelligence that sees the dark side. It is the prosecuting attorney so to speak. The knower of your sins, and without atonement God hears the indictment of the adversary and acts accordingly. The word Messiah, or in the Hebrew Moshiach, was the arising of an advocate. An intelligence that would argue for the atonement of all creation, but the concept of the adversary being cast out is not supported in the Torah.

Judaism basically says you have to be a good person, there are seven basic Noachide Laws “not to steel” “not to kill” “not to be immoral” and to have a system of Laws/Torah, not to mistreat animals, to believe in G-d, that’s the basic idea of being a good human being. Judaism is therefore a universal religion even though not a religion at all, it’s Halakah (righteous instructions) handed down by HaShem to Moshe at Mt Sinai in the wilderness for all believers to the Jews first and then the world … Halakah the way to walk! There is nowhere in scripture that HaShems says, His preserved word has been entrusted with anyone but the Jews.

On the other hand Judaism is a particular religion it affects Jews, and it gives Jews allot of daily ritual commandments, dietary Laws – the Sabbath, all of these things pertain to Jews and those that sojourn with them (gentile). Jews are meant to be, so too speck the influential moral force in the world like our father Avraham that the world would be blessed through you and your descendants. But if we look at the contribution of the Jews, the world society the world’s civilization we see that promises has obviously been fulfilled.

Now Judaism is based upon the fact that there was a revelation at Mt Sinai, that revelation took place in front of millions of people, it was not a revelation in front of a few people or to one individual or to somebody getting up and saying G-d appeared to me, and that revelation gave us the ten commandment but that revelation gave the Jews what we call the Torah the instruction what we call the BOOK/TANAKH by which G-d intended Jews to live by which also influences the rest of the world. And therefore the belief revelation is the central core of Judaism belief …

Now one should never confuse Jews with Judaism, Jews as individuals can believe in what ever they want, they can do what ever they want, sometimes they do things that they shouldn’t do but Judaism itself is clearly defined it’s a system of behaviour its divided into laws that govern our relationship with our Creator and laws that govern our relationship with other human beings “TORAH” […] The Torah is a way of pleasantness, of kindness, of goodness but its also a practical Torah, it doesn’t ask us to lie down and be walked all over, we have the obligation to destroy evil, if evil comes upon us. And therefore with the history of the Jewish people, the Talmud/Mishnah represents the oral law […] sages that guide us in understanding of life and what the Torah wishes from us that what was given at Sinai and Jewish life is Moshe’s teaching handed down throughout the generations.

There are also customs in Judaism there are traditions in Judaism, there’s a mystical aspect which is called Kabbalah  (ancient Jewish tradition of mystical interpretation of the Bible) of this is a complete package of Judaism. Judaism does not preach intolerance to others, Judaism does not force itself upon others, Judaism however is particular to the Hebrew nation and it demands a great deal, from the people as a whole and from each and every individual.

It teaches us that were responsible for our behaviour that everything is recorded in the Book so too speck – that reward and punishment are apart of life and part of the after life also. It teaches us that there is a immortality to our soul, that life does not end with death, it teaches us that raising children having a family is a blessing itself that G-d wanted us to have […] that Jewish life is dependant on the behaviour of every generation.

Judaism today, there are different streams, but those streams don’t define Judaism they define Jews – Jews are different, one should never confuse the two and because of that therefore, the idea of Judaism and knowing Judaism and understand it, and learning about it […] it is central to Jewish life and Jewish survival …. The Jews are the people of the Book, the world is jealous because they have the Book of Books, the Book is what has preserved them. One of the great sadness’ is some Jews don’t even know what book Judaism is talking about, let alone what the Book says […] We are Commanded to always become knowledgeable of life’s issues, to know more, to know more about our faith about the history of the Jewish people about why were here and what were supposed to do, all of that encapsulated teaches us about Judaism and about our walk with HaShem.