At Ruach Broadcasting, our vision is communities in Mashiyach where each believer has the opportunity to open up their homes through the technology of Internet and become an interactive receiver in walking Torah broadcasting across the world 24/7.  Led of the Ruach HaKodesh our eventual goal is to have a radio station that speaks volumes daily from a biblical perspective continually – all day, every day.

To bring this vision into reality for the short term, we work to inform, engage, mobilize and equip; supporting individual believers to assure quality, appropriate discernment of the Father’s “WORD” to gain an understanding of Torah that Moshe taught in the Tanakh. 

Successful development in one community expands to include successive communities. To effect long-term community improvement we work to increase awareness and attempt to diminish the ill-effects of issues facing denominations of today.  Ruach Broadcasting, especially works toward improvements in the following areas: –the advancement of learning Torah; –the promotion of good citizenship and community involvement (hence to realize the condition of the Father’s chosen Israel) to have a genuine response to Israel’s restoration; the lessening of social isolation experienced by multiple subgroups of any community; –the promotion of personal responsibility and self-worth, and; –the promotion of believers and family values.

We aim to deliver high quality radio broadcast service that reflects the diverse needs and aspiration of local residents living in Israel. Better communication and understanding of Gentiles through a Hebraic way of thinking through the production and broadcasting of a range of cultural, and education programmes.

Through Ruach Broadcasting, it is our belief in the power of Internet Radio to connect with people and enrich lives through a unique programming that spans genres, labels, topics with a biblical theme too all ages. Ruach Broadcasting is a commitment to bringing you diverse programming, from a Hebraic, Jewish perspective - Praise and Worship, local Israeli affairs and beyond. Ruach Broadcasting is about connecting the Israeli of HaShem (and I’m not speaking of the land; but of the chosen and set apart ones) about serving listeners like you - people who demand something more enlightening and interesting, thought provoking and rewarding than the usual mass produced, manufactured world religions offer them. It’s about a radio station that is actively engaged in the community of believers and serving Elohim with gladness.