Virtual reality is still a nascent technology. Filming and broadcasting live events in VR comes with all sorts of benefits and challenges not found in traditional filming. With traditional broadcasts, studios set up cameras throughout a studio or stadium with the ability to rotate and zoom in with ease, and the studio editor cuts between different feeds that best represent the current action. By contrast, a VR camera is meant to effortlessly capture the entire surrounding action close up and allow the user to choose where to focus. 

Will virtual reality ever kill off TV the way MP3 players and music streaming did CDs?

One certainty is that the internet will completely replace TV. The idea of television is now as old-school as radio. In fact, TV is just radio but with moving images in two-dimensional space, yet we experience our surroundings with all our senses, in three-dimensional space. That is why VR is the flavor of the decade, but only once we are able to incorporate other senses, such as smell and touch, will we have the next generation of immersive experience.

But all these things will be interconnected and the one thing that ties them together is the content, the holy grail of which is video and audio. Marshall McLuhan once said it more than 40 years ago: “the medium is the message” – the message is dependent on the delivery system, which we will come to see in the form of notifications. Content is still king, but the method of consumption, and distribution will be what changes (until something better comes along). That is “The New Normal. Attendees will be looking at the place of TV in a world where more and more people are getting their visual entertainment online and through streaming devices. One of the topics to be discussed is […]

 Virtual reality has piqued the interest and obsession of innovators throughout the world with its promising and undiscovered opportunities to deliver amazing experiences. The first completely new storytelling medium in our lifetime, virtual reality can best be described as scalable theatre where you are one […]

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